AUGUST 20, 2010

The 2010 meeting of the UAUS Council of Local Presidents (CLP) was held in Mt. Vernon, Washington on August 20, 2010.  Roll was called.  Thirteen members were counted, eight present and five proxies (GLMUA, HULA, IUA, OSUB, SURF, SOUA, WSUA) representing seven Local Associations. 

In attendance were:  UAUS President, David Linthicum, SOUA (VP), UAUS Treasurer, Daryl Berry, (VP) OSUB–with Proxy for Jeffrey Wattles, (Pres.) OSUB , Janiece Hoggatt, (Pres.) WSUA; UAUS Vice President, Pio Park, (VP) WSUA; James Woodard, (VP) GLUMA—with Proxy for Rick Lyon (Pres.) GLUMA; Kathy Wanenmacher—with Proxy for Evelyn Sisemore, (Pres.) SOUA; Marian Hughes, (VP) HULA—with Proxy for Greg MacIsaac (Pres.) HULA; Patti Snyder, (VP) SURF—with Proxy for Toby Weiss (Pres.) SURF.

[For the benefit of the new Vice President (Pio Park), a brief explanation of the parameters of gquorumh for UAUS was graciously volunteered by UAUS Treasurer Daryl Berry, as the number needed to establish quorum depends on the number of associations in ggood standingh with regards to dues.  There were 12 Local associations in good standing and 13 attendees representing seven Local associations.

Quorum was established.

The meeting of UAUS Council of Local Presidents (CLP) was called to order at 1: 28 P.M. PDT by President David L. Linthicum.  After extending a hearty welcome to all, David called for the Minutes of the 2009 CLP.  The Minutes were read.

The following was moved:

Motion:  (Marian) Moved that the reading of the Minutes of the September 29, 2009 CLP meeting be accepted.

The Motion was seconded and approved. 

David then called for Officer Reports and began with the Presidentfs Report. 

Presidentfs Report                 David L. Linthicum, President          (See attached report)

David, welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of face-to-face interactions at meetings.  He then acknowledged and welcomed the incoming UAUS Vice President, Pio Park and the new Committee Chairs Kathy Wanenmacher and Eddie King, of the Study Group and Conference Committees, respectively, and made special mention of the invaluable efforts of volunteers.  He then gave the highlights from the Presidentfs report, which included the recent Trustee meeting in Florida, reconstitution of the Florida Association, the Town Hall telephone conferences, presentation and vote on the HULA Motion and the UAI Motion. 

Please see a complete copy of the report below.

Vice Presidentfs Report        Pio Park, Vice President

Pio expressed his gratitude for the vote of confidence that elected him for UAUS Vice President. Learning the position as he goes, he voiced his willingness to fill in and support where needed.  Pio commended Kathy on her indomitable spirit in her effort to personally visit study groups across the country as the UAUS Study Group Committee Chair.  He noted his efforts with the Communication Committee (for which he is the Governing Board liaison) and its reorganization.

[Daryl explained, for the benefit of those present, that the members of the UAUS Governing Board were each assigned as a liaison for the standing Committees as follows:  President: Study Group and Conference; Vice Pres. Communication; Treasurer: Membership; Secretary: Education.]

Secretaryfs Report                Patti Snyder, Secretary

Patti gave a brief report on her attempt to contact secretaries of Local UAUS Associations, an ongoing project to encourage and support participation in UAUS and to assist with secretarial matters if needed.  She then confirmed work on a Motion Book for UAUS that would catalogue and make accessible all the Motions that have been entertained at the CLP level. 

Treasurerfs Report                Daryl Berry, Treasurer         (See attached report)

Daryl distributed copies of the attached report and commented on a few items. He brought attention to our Conference Fund, which was conceded to UAI for the 2011 Leadership Symposium, upon a vote of the CLP. UAUS will not experience financial growth from conference funds this year as is usually the case but there are ample funds available.

After the Officer Reports were concluded, David called for committee reports.

Conference Committee          Eddie King and Benet Rutenberg, Co-Chairs

David explained that Eddie and Benet have been inactive in view of preparations for the UAI Leadership Symposium.  He will contact them to inquire regarding the proposed gManual for Conferences,h on which they agreed to work.

Membership Committee        Michael Berry, Committee Chair     (See attached report)

A brief discussion regarding the processing of referrals from the Foundation ensued.  The report notes that there are 1,782 records in the UAUS Database, which Michael maintains. Gary Pratt was recently engaged to assist with the UAI database, of which UAUS is a part and from which UAUS should also benefit.

Publications Committee                     Al Turnbo, Committee Chair

Due to complications from work to computer programs, the Publications Committee needs to be reorganized and the best method of approach for UAUS Publications needs to be determined.   The Messenger, the UAUS publication is defunct since the former Vice Presidentfs term of office.  A discussion regarding various choices and options for a possible merger of The Messenger with other publications ensued, highlighted as follows.

1)      Collect and forward articles to a professional or graduate student being paid to organize and do layout;

2)      Use the existing website to publish the articles and hire a web designer

3)      Piggy-back on another website

4)      Ask Rick Warren to merge his newsletter and circulate it nationally

5)      Hang on to The Messenger as a shell for Locals to share announcements:
_ recruit a webmaster to manage the site (remove outdated , announcements, etc.)
_ articles and other info from locals as wells as UAI activities.

6)      Rob Reno was mentioned as someone qualified to handle The Messenger.

Pio will work with Al and David to find a solution for Publications that does not entail excessive publications or burden on any individual.  The Messenger should remain as it is, he feels.

Study Groups Committee                  Kathy Wanenmacher, Committee Chair

Kathy gave highlights of her continuing effort to have face-to-face meetings with Study Groups (SG) across the US.  She has also requested Locals to update their SG information and lists.  Patti asked if it were possible to rate SGfs to give potential visitors an idea of what to expect.  David explained the 2-pronged approach to the reorganization of SGfs and applauded Kathy and the SG Committee for the tremendous accomplishments the core-group of nine people have made in the last eight months.  Ellen, a member of Kathyfs committee, noted that many people respond with interest regarding Study Groups.


New Business

UAUS Tax Status

Daryl reported on the UAUS effort to file for IRS nonprofit status [501(c)3].  He explained that UAUS and its affiliates would be covered under the Group Exemption, and would only have to file taxes if more than $20,000 were received.  If $5,000 to $20,000 is received, the Local must send a postcard; if less than $5,000 IRS notification is not required, but we should gsend a postcard anyway.h  The nonprofit status makes donations to Locals tax-exempt.

Daryl asked that each Local register with its state.

Study Group Committee Chair Kathy Wanenmacherfs Report to UAUS GB

[As previously noted, each member of the UAUS Governing Board is assigned as liaison to a UAUS standing committee.  In this regard, David has been working assiduously with Kathy, whose dedication and determination have resulted in face-to-face interactions with Study Groups all across the country, as she continues to work with her committee and to produce amazing results.]

There are 26 licensed associations in the United States.  They do not include all States and, also some associations cover multiple States.  The current organization of the Committee includes: a Regional Director who contacts the various local associations, who then contact the Study Groups to have them registered on the UAUS Study Group list, if they agree to do so and if their purpose is the study of the Urantia Book.

A spirited discussion regarding distinguishing practices ensued.


Scholarship Fund

Separate from the Conference Fund or the Travel Fund, the Scholarship Fund would be a ghelping hand,h explained David.  A discussion commenced regarding the parameters for such a scholarship fund.  The fund could be age restricted, competitive, matching, etc.

David called for a Motion regarding a restricted scholarship fund; James Woodward moved as follows:

MOTION:      That the Governing Board (gGBh) establishes a UAUS restricted fund for scholarship purposes with criteria to be determined by UAUS GB.

The Motion was seconded and passed:  11 Yes, 2 No, 0 Abstentions.

Graduation Notification

Questions regarding previous decisions about adding a gGraduatedh category to the UAI database were resolved by Jamesf assurance that the task was in the works.  The category had not been added because of difficulties with the database.

Venue for 2011 CLP Meeting

Chicago was suggested as a possible site for the 2011 UAUS Annual CLP meeting, which is usually held in conjunction with a conference. The CLP meeting could be a source compliment to the Leadership Symposium;  James will check on options.


Other Business

UAUS National Conference

David conceded that UAUS must forgo its 2011 National Conference in deference to the Leadership Symposium.  He noted, however, that UAUS need not wait three years before its next national conference.  And, since the treasury will not accrue the customary funds for conference presentation in 2011, UAUS could consider 2012 as a target year for the next national conference.

UAUS Website

Pio mentioned the need to redesign the UAUS website and requested volunteers to assist.  James indicated that the UAI website is under a major redesign and may have a look and feel that UAUS would accept as a template.  David noted that it would be problematic to have to go through UAI to edit the UAUS website.

Inactive Locals

Pio suggested that we consider consolidation of inactive Local Associations.  David said that many are recognized on paper only.  The minimum qualification for a Local Association is to have ten (10) members but that a number of active Locals do not meet that parameter. He rhetorically asked, gWhat do we do?h  It was agreed that we continue.

There being no further business, David turned the floor over to James Woodard for a report from UAI.

Message from UAI – James Woodard

The UAI expresses hopes that the CLP would attend the Leadership Symposium (gLSh) and asked that all visit the LS website.  James noted that he was now heading the UAI Study Group Project, with its goal of 1,000 Study Groups, worldwide.

In October, UAI will hold the first joint meeting with the Fellowship to explore various agreements and understandings between the two organizations.  He then explained that UAI would be in difficulty without UAUS membership and participation. He said that UAI especially benefits from UAUS leaders. He sees UAI as a central office for the benefit of all.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:58 P.M. (PDT)




AUGUST 20, 2010


I want to welcome the Council of Local Presidents to our annual meeting of local association officers.  Although we have discoursed via email and had an occasional chat on the phone, nothing takes the place of gathering together, in person, at least once each year.  This gathering allows us not only the occasion to conduct UAUS business but also the opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level, to put names with faces and strengthen our bonds as brothers and sisters who share in a love for this revelation we have been gifted with.

I also want to acknowledge my fellow governing board members, the honorable Pio Park, our Vice President, Patti Snyder, our illustrious Secretary and Daryl Berry, our distinguished Treasurer.  I also want to acknowledge and thank our committee chairs: Al Turnbo, Communications; Michael Berry, Membership; Eddie King, Conferences and Kathy Wanemacher, Study Groups.  It has truly been an honor to work with such dedicated and tireless individuals.  I thank you all for your time and long hours of service; we have accomplished much this year and it is all due to your individual efforts – together, we make a great team!

On behalf of the governing board I wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Washington State Urantia Association for hosting this yearfs annual CLP meeting in conjunction with their NW Regional Conference whose theme is gFatherhood of God, Brotherhood of Manh.  We look forward to a wonderful conference experience here in beautiful Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Some of this yearfs highlights include: attendance at the Urantia Foundation Trusteefs meeting held in Orlando, FL in January; the reconstitution of the Florida local association also in January; planning for the 2011 Urantia Foundation Trusteefs meeting which is being coordinated by the Lone Star Urantia Association and will be held in Dallas, TX next January; a visit to the Idaho Urantia Association for their annual meeting; the hosting by the Governing Board of six Town Hall conference calls during June and July; the passage of two motions by the CLP related to the 2011 Leadership Symposium; approval of the motion submitted by the Hawaii Urantia Local Association; and seven resolutions that came before the Representative Council.

Yes, it has been a busy year!  I am extremely grateful to have such a talented group of leaders to work with and it has been my pleasure to serve as your president these past two years.  We have elections coming up and committee vacancies to fill.  There is much to do in the days ahead; we need volunteers from our local associations to step forward and join this wonderful UAUS team as we grow our organization and endeavor to accomplish the mission we have before us. 

In Brotherhood,

David Linthicum

UAUS President



UAUS Study Groups Committee

Council of Local Presidents and Vice Presidents Meeting
20 August 2010
The UAUS Study Groups Committee has been working to update the UAI database. We have included a survey in our email and phone calls to help us assess who has groups, who does not, who wants to host a group and who is interested in helping with the Study Groups Committee. With the information the Regional Contacts have, out of 1322 names, we have received 175 replies. 825 people have not responded. There are 286 names with physical addresses only and 50 names discovered to have no valid information. There are 952 individuals who yet need to be contacted. These numbers are incomplete since some of us have had either personal or computer related problems and some information has been difficult to assign to a Region because the email addresses, physical addresses and/or phone numbers are either nonexistent or found to be incorrect.

The US portion of the UAI database is in need of being updated and once again we request the assistance of the local associations. We would deeply appreciate your contacting the Regional Contact for your state and send him/her the names within your association which have valid emails, addresses, and phone numbers.


So far this year we have added one new study group in Minnesota, one in Nebraska, one in California, and three in Washington. We are in the process of putting together study groups in Kentucky and Texas. Interacting with the individuals who are reading and studying The Urantia Book is exciting all the way around and each committee member is trying to visit as many groups as possible in order to get to know as many readers as possible to enhance the brotherhood of mankind and strengthen our organization.
The results of our work by Region, is attached.





Kathy Wanenmacher, Chairman
UAUS Study Groups Committee


UAUS Membership Report:   Michael Berry , UAUS MC Chair


The data informs us of the following:


  1. There are a total of 1,825 records in the database this year for UAUS consisting of the following:
    1. 592 Members

                                                               i.      464 Full Members,

                                                             ii.      29 Associate Members

                                                            iii.      7 Members-at-Large

                                                            iv.      92 Governing Members

    1. 1233 Non-Members listed in the database. 

                                                               i.      This category includes the data of individuals who want to receive information on local activities within the region of the local association.  It also includes the data of a few individuals who applied for membership in UAI, since the database was established in 2005. 

                                                             ii.      When UAI receives an application for membership, leaders are informed. The personfs data is entered in the database as an gApplicanth and is designated gAPh in the database.  Membership for the individual is pending until local leaders confirm the applicantfs status – either Full Member or Associate Member.  It is up to the local leaders to process applications.  The first step is to contact the applicants.  The concluding step is to inform the database of the changes in membership status.

  1. Following are the number of Reader Referrals distributed to Local Association contacts for past 3 years
    1. October e07:        91
    2. January e08:       107
    3. Nov f08:             185
    4. Jan e09:               59
    5. Sept e 09:            97
    6. Apr f10:             109
    7. Oct f10:              33


The data of each of the 26 local associations in UAUS was taken from the web based UAI Database which was established in the summer of 2005.  Some associations may have their own systems of tracking members and non-members that are separate and different from the UAI database. But UAI is dependent on the web-based database for correct member information, so that when UAI wishes to send mail to people, we can efficiently accomplish the assignment.  Local leaders will find the database very useful in their month-to-month activities.  It is a very powerful tool designed to help us, as we grow.  Keeping the records up-to-date is an ongoing task of every association.  Thank you for doing your part of the clerical work of our national association.  If you need help with the database, you can inquire on the UAUS list, or contact your association president or vice president.  We aim to help you in every way we can.


Additional projects that should be further considered  are as  follows:

·         Work with Gary Pratt to add "Graduate" category to database to honor and remember deceased members. Would like to allow capability for members to enter remembrance comments.

·         Create professional Facebook and Twitter accounts to enhance and simplify membership and referral inquiries. Electronic social networking needs to be utilized in today's electronic savvy world. I could manage by the Facebook and Twitter accounts if approved. I would also suggest that Local Associations consider setting up a Facebook page.

·         Due to time and resource ($) limitations with me, try to recruit responsible regional committee members to help with the membership responsibilities including follow up of reader referrals and membership applications with local associations contacts.

·         Create training forum for membership committee members and local association contacts to better understand how to effectively manage and process all reader referral follow ups and membership applications documentation.

·         Streamline reader referral process so referrals can be distributed and contacts can be made faster. Establish reader referral follow up process to insure that designated local association contacts are following up on distributed reader referrals in a timely manner.  This should include an agreed upon follow up form which will be filled out by local association contacts and then submitted to UAUS membership contact(s) or UAI Central Office.

·         Streamline application process so that designated UAUS contacts are properly notified of new membership applications.

·         Work with local association contacts to take responsibility  to clean up database membership information for optimum accuracy.

·         Webex or Skype Conference with Mike MacIsaac and Gary Rawlings so that all membership chair positions are on the same page. Establish regular conference call and/or Skype meetings on an on-going basis at intervals to be established.

·         Update membership bar chart reports to allow trend management capabilities to all UAI and UAUS officers.

·         Reestablishment of Local Associations at following:

o        Greater New York

o        Puerto Rico


UAI welcomes members from all races, cultures, nations, and religions. There are three categories of membership in UAI: a full member, a member-at-large, and an associate member. 

3.1 Full Member

To be eligible for full membership in UAI, a person shall have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws and the Bylaws of his National and/or Local Association.

3.1.2 A full member is entitled to vote in his Association of record.

3.1.3 All full members of Local or National Associations who reside within the geographical boundaries of a National Association are members of that National Association, unless a member has been accepted as a full member of an Association in another country of which the member is a citizen.

3.2 Member-at-Large

There are two categories of members-at-large: one where no Association of UAI exists and an optional category in which a National Association of UAI with subsidiary Local Associations exists.

3.2.1 No Association of UAI exists. An individual living in a country where no Association of UAI exists may join UAI as a member-at-large or an associate member-at-large. When the first Association is formed in a country, all members-at-large and associate members-at-large residing in that country shall become members of that Association.

3.2.2 A National Association with subsidiary Local Associations exists. This category is optional and may be adopted in the Bylaws of a National Association. A geographically isolated individual living in a country where a National Association with subsidiary Local Associations exists may join UAI as a member-at-large or an associate member-at-large. Such members-at-large shall be attached to the Membership Committee of the National Association.

3.2.3 To be eligible to join UAI as a member-at-large a person shall have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws (and the Bylaws of his National Association if applicable.) Criteria for the associate member-at-large category are given in Article 3.3

3.2.4 A member-at-large may not hold office and is not entitled to vote.

3.3 Associate Member

3.3.1 An Associate Member category is optional and may be adopted in the Bylaws of a National or Local Association.

3.3.2 An individual who has not read The Urantia Book in its entirety may join UAI as an associate member. To be eligible to join UAI as an associate member a person shall be reading The Urantia Book, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws and the Bylaws of his National and/or Local Association.

3.3.3 An associate member shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office, and must be affiliated with a Local or National association.