UAUS Governing Board Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 5:15 P.M. (PDT).  In attendance were:  David Linthicum, President; Pio Park, Vice President, Daryl Berry, Treasurer and Patti Snyder, Secretary.


The Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. 


Officer Reports


President’s Report (see below)


Vice President’s Report


As this is the first meeting with the new Vice President, there was no report.  After brief discussion regarding the upcoming CLP meeting, Pio asked if it were appropriate to discuss a motion presented to the UAI RC (Urantia Association International, Representative Council).  A brief discussion ensued, without conclusions.


Treasurer’s Report (see below)


In connection with the Treasurer’s Report, Daryl asked if UAUS should consider giving more than the minimum amount to UAI?  Pio suggested that we should give 10% of our available funds.  David noted that PIRT (UAI/ Prison Intervention Response Team) receives $75 per quarter from UAUS also.  Pio made the following motion:


MOTION:  Based on the Treasurer’s report, it is moved that UAUS contribute 10% of UAUS available funds to UAI.


The Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


David inquired about a motion passed at the last meeting regarding the “Travel Fund.”  The motion was re-read from Page 3 of the February 25th meeting. David gave background info regarding the Travel Fund, which was established by the CLP and seeded with $800 ($400 for UAUS President and $400 for the Vice President), for international travel.  It was used for the Pres and VP to attend the Australian Conference.  Last year, due to the changes in the economy, the V. P. needed assistance to travel from Hawaii to the CLP in Indiana, however, there were no funds available since the existing fund for travel is for international. 


It was suggested that the GB should have a fund for assistance to travel to approved meetings and conferences, such as the organizational meeting in Florida, which was greatly benefited by having the UAUS President and Treasurer in attendance. A Motion was entertained and approved that the GB establish a GB Travel Fund seeded with $1000 to assist GB members attend approved national meetings.


David then asked where we keep information regarding past motions.  Patti suggested that perhaps we need a Motions Book.  David agreed and suggested that we have a Motions Book in place for the CLP meeting this summer. Patti and David will search the archives to create it.


Daryl mentioned that Scott Brooks is working on creating an “intranet” for UAI, which will include UAUS, Locals, Officers, et al. and is designed to be a repository of records and information.  The idea originated with Gaetan’s (UAI President) IT meeting in Chicago to address technology issues.


Conference Committee


Benet and Eddie King are still on record to create a guide for staging conferences and the work continues.  There is less urgency for the “Conference Planning Guide” since UAUS has elected to forgo its next national conference in deference to the UAI Leadership Conference. 


Pio made a brief request regarding workshops and entertainment for the Washington Conference. He also mentioned attendance as requisite for success and asked David to let the President of the Canadian Association know that Pio will contact him regarding the Washington Conference.


[David briefly explained the GB assignments relative to staying in contact with UAUS Committees:  David has the Conference Comm., Daryl has the Membership Comm., Patti has the Education Comm., and Pio has Publications.]


Study Group Committee


[Daryl explained that David is also the contact for the Study Group (SG) Committee which was added to the UAUS standing committees.]


David has been working closely with the new SG Committee Chair, Kathy Wanamaker. Contacting Rick Lyon, the SG Comm. was given access to the UAI database to formulate a SG contact list. Discovering that the UAI database needs updating, they have run into numerous problems but are making substantial progress with their survey and the database.


They have divided the SG Committee into sub-divisions and assigned a Regional Director for each division. After the Survey goes out, the Directors will be responsible for gathering the data. There are two openings for Regional Directors.


Kathy’s intent in visiting Washington is to personally visit as many SG’s as possible. To meet people face to face and engage them. They started out with three volunteers and now have seven.


Please see the SG Report, attached.



Publications Committee


David discussed Pio’s keeping in touch with the new Committee Chair, Al Turnbo, to whom David has given suggestions for articles for the Messenger, the UAUS newsletter.  “There is a need for a ‘committee,’ a committee of one is not really a committee, it’s just one guy working hard.”  David explained that in the past Marion Hughes worked solo on the Messenger, but that neither Al nor Pio is expected to do the Messenger alone. Jeanette Schaeffer of the Oregon Association was suggested as possible help, she edits another newsletter.  Pio asked if Al were proficient with editing software.  David volunteered to get Al and Pio and perhaps Jeanette moving on the Messenger. Currently, there is no set schedule, no structure; basically the Pubs. Comm. needs people and organizing to get the newsletter in operation. Pio will telephone Al.



Membership Committee Report    (see attached)


David commended Michael on the Membership Report.  Daryl explained that Michael delved into the UAI database and mastered it. Michael also currently keeps track of the overview of the membership and manages reader referrals, people who contact the Foundation for information. Michael keeps track of the names and Associations and distributes the names to the appropriate Local Association contact. 


Michael and Kathy, the Study Group Comm. Chair, are expected to be in contact regarding the database and to work together as needed.



New Business


UAUS/UAI Website Updates


As discussed above regarding UAUS SG’s, UAI is working on changing to an intranet format to accommodate many UAI community digital needs. The updating of the database and Study Group database are also in progress.


Daryl explained that oversight of the UAUS Website is the Publications Comm. Chair’s responsibility. Al Turnbo is responsible for the content of the UAUS Website.  Scott Brooks is the Webmaster. Scott does not create information; he just inserts it when instructed to do so. Al is the person who receives information or articles for the website, decides if it is appropriate and passes it on to Scott for inclusion.


2010 CLP Meeting Venue:  Camp Brotherhood, Washington


David received an inquiry regarding a decision for the venue for the upcoming CLP meeting. Marion was to be the contact.  David replied that he would shortly issue an announcement regarding the venue along with a call for Agenda Items.


A discussion ensued regarding the time and length of the CLP meeting.  It was decided to hold CLP meeting on Friday after lunch, around 1:00 P.M.  It is expected to be finished by 6:00, but there will need to be a refreshment break.


2011 Conference


David reported that a new concept of UAI group functions is in the works. It has become clear that there is a need to train the leaders of our organization. Gaetan’s reports from South America reinforced that need in the international community and it is true on the national level as well.


David notified Gaetan that UAUS passed two Motions regarding the UAI 2011  Leadership Conference:  (1) it was agreed that UAUS would not hold a national conference in 2011; and (2) it was also agreed to offer to seed the UAI conference from UAUS Conference funds.


 A discussion ensued regarding the UAUS Motion that directs use of the funds, specifically, if interest is required on the loan of the funds.  Daryl clarified, that the repayment included a percentage of the profit, not the total amount. He also suggested that UAUS gets the rights from UAI to hold an auction and to be in control of all funds there from.



Other Business


Patti inquired about having Urantia groups adopt a Urantia group in another country.  David indicated that he was following a very similar trend of thought and that things were in development.


David reported a request from the Florida Association for a loan to to seed a series of “mini-conferences:” “Spiritual Education Days.”  Daryl suggested that we loan Florida the money, just as we do for other conferences and require of them a percentage of profits, as stipulated. Florida has not requested a specific dollar amount.  The GB unanimously agreed to the conference loan.


Pio and Patti asked David to update the Board on the Finnish Motion. David reported the UAI RC (Representative Counsel) is waiting for translations and to vote.  Pio suggested that once the RC comes up with a final proposal regarding the Motion, he would like to present it to the CLP.


David called for further business; there was none.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 P.M. (PDT)





Presidents' Report



MAY 24, 2010


I will be traveling to Boise, Idaho over the Memorial Day weekend (May 28 – 31) to meet with the Idaho local association.  They will be having elections that weekend and I look forward to meeting the members and welcoming the new officers.

This evening we will address HULA’s proposal for a UAI policy regarding the Teaching Mission and the channeling phenomenon.  We will need to determine whether to put forth a motion for the CLP to consider or just forward the proposal as presented by HULA.

We need to announce the CLP meeting in conjunction with Washington State’s August 20 -22 regional conference at Camp Brotherhood.  The Governing Board is required to give a 90-day notice to the CLP and ask for agenda items – that note needs to go out no later than tomorrow.

I am pleased to announce that the CLP approved the two motions we put forward regarding the waving of the UAUS 2011 Conference in favor of the UAI 2011 Leadership Symposium and also approval to loan UAUS restricted conference funds to UAI in conjunction with the symposium.  We received unanimous approval from the CLP.

I would like to propose the following schedule for future Town Hall type teleconferences:

Monday                      Friday

June 11                        June 18

June 28                        July 9

July 19                         July 30

The purpose of the Town Hall teleconferences is to get feedback from the CLP on a variety of issues and allow for open discussion of matters that interest the officers.  Some of the dates will be targeted to specific local associations based on the regional alignment Daryl Berry is working on.  I will alternate the call times to accommodate East and West coast locals.


Treasurer's Report


Below is account activity for 2009 through 5/19/10.  Attached are Financial Reports from the CPA for 2009 and 2010 through 5/4/10.

$35,391.03 - Starting Balance (1/1/09)

01/23 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma (dues)  $50.00
01/29 - Returned deposit (Oklahoma)  ($50.00)
01/29 - Return deposit fee  ($15.00)
01/30 - #1029/Earthlink (website 2 months)  ($53.90)
02/24 - Contribution (Repair UAI database)  $600.00
02/24 - #1030/Earthlink (2/09 website)  ($26.90)
02/24 - #1031/Q1 Communications (Repair UAI database  ($600.00)
03/19 - Deposit/Washington State Urantia Association (dues)  $140.00
03/19 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma (dues & $50 contribution)  $100.00
03/19 - #1032/Earthlink (3/09 website)  ($26.90)
05/08 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma (2009 dues)  $90.00
05/08 - Deposit/New York - Pennsylvania URANTIA Association (dues)  $100.00
05/08 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma (PIRT contribution)  $50.00
05/08 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma (Travel contribution)  $200.00
05/20 - Deposit/Ohio Students of the Urantia Book (dues)  $50.00
05/20 - Contributions (through PayPal)  $55.91
05/22 - #1033/Earthlink (5/09 website)  ($24.90)
06/18 - #1034/Earthlink (6/09 website)  ($26.90)
07/29 - #1035/Earthlink (7/09 website)  ($26.90)
07/30 - #1036/UAI (PIRT contribution/$75/quarter/3rd & 4th 2008/1st & 2nd 2009)  ($300.00)
08/21 - #1037/Earthlink (8/09 website & domain renewal fee)  ($46.90)
08/07 - Deposit/Idaho Urantia Association (dues & $100 contribution)  $150.00
09/18 - Deposit/Southwest Urantia Readers Family (dues)  $97.50
09/18 - #1038/Earthlink (9/09 website)  ($26.90)
09/22 - Contribution  $1,000.00
10/13 - Deposit/Urantia Association of the Great Plains (2 years dues)  $140.00
10/13 - #1039/Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (CLP 2009 mtg. expenses)  ($115.32)
10/13 - #1040/Earthlink (10/09 website & domain renewal fee)  ($46.90)
12/11 - #1041/Earthlink (11-12/09 website)  ($53.80)
12/30 - Deposit/Virginia Carolina Readers (dues)  $50.00

$36,823.32 - Ending Balance (12/31/09)

01/09 - #1042/David Linthicum (travel expenses to Urantia Association of Florida elections)  ($200.00)
02/10 - #1043/Earthlink (1-2/10 website)  ($53.80)
02/22 - Deposit/Lone Star Urantia Association (dues)  $40.00
02/22 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma Urantia Association (dues)  $50.00
02/22 - Deposit/Urantia Association of Florida (dues)  $55.00
04/15 - #1004/Earthlink (3-4/10 website)  ($53.80)
04/28 - #1045/Aaron Rogers (travel expenses from Scholarship Fund)  ($500.00)
05/04 - Deposit/David Linthicum contribution (Scholarship Fund)  $500.00
05/04 - Deposit/Patricia Snyder contribution (Scholarship Fund)  $50.00
05/04 - Deposit/Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (dues)  $100.00
05/05 - New Checkbook  ($28.00)
05/19 - #1046/Earthlink (5/10 website)  ($26.90)
05/19 - #1047/UAI (2008 Annual dues)  ($103.25)
05/19 - #1048/UAI (2009 Annual dues)  ($262.34)

$36,390.23 - Ending Balance (5/19/10)

Restricted funds:
$30,465.00 - Conference
$800.00 - Travel Pres/VP
$50.00 - Scholarship

$5,075.23 - Available Funds

Respectfully submitted.
Daryl Berry
UAUS Treasurer


Membership Committee Report


UAUS Membership Summary

May 2010


The data informs us of the following:


  1. There are a total of 1,782 records in the database this year for UAUS consisting of the following:
    1. 726 Members

                                          i.    462 Full Members,

                                         ii.    25 Associate Members

                                        iii.    7 Members-at-Large

                                        iv.    94 Governing Members

    1. 1169 Non-Members listed in the database. 

                                          i.    This category includes the data of individuals who want to receive information on local activities within the region of the local association.  It also includes the data of a few individuals who applied for membership in UAI, since the database was established in 2005. 

                                         ii.    When UAI receives an application for membership, leaders are informed. The person’s data is entered in the database as an “Applicant” and is designated “AP” in the database.  Membership for the individual is pending until local leaders confirm the applicant’s status – either Full Member or Associate Member.  It is up to the local leaders to process applications.  The first step is to contact the applicants.  The concluding step is to inform the database of the changes in membership status.

  1. Following are the number of Reader Referals distributed to Local Association contacts for past 3 years
    1. October ‘07:        91
    2. January ‘08:      107
    3. Nov ’08:            185
    4. Jan ‘09:               59
    5. Sept ‘ 09:            97
    6. April ’10:          109


The data of each of the 26 local associations in UAUS was taken from the web based UAI Database which was established in the summer of 2005.  Some associations may have their own systems of tracking members and non-members that are separate and different from the UAI database. But UAI is dependent on the web-based database for correct member information, so that when UAI wishes to send mail to people, we can efficiently accomplish the assignment.  Local leaders will find the database very useful in their month-to-month activities.  It is a very powerful tool designed to help us, as we grow.  Keeping the records up-to-date is an ongoing task of every association.  Thank you for doing your part of the clerical work of our national association.  If you need help with the database, you can inquire on the UAUS list, or contact your association president or vice president.  We aim to help you in every way we can.


Additional projects that should be further considered is follows:

·         UAUS Membership Facebook page.  Considering the current popularity of the Facebook networking site, we should consider using this as an outreach tool to reach out for UB Readers.  I would also suggest that Local Associations consider setting up a Facebook page.

·         UAUS Twitter Account.  Considering the current popularity of the Twitter networking site, we should consider using this as an outreach tool to reach out for UB Readers.  I would also suggest that Local Associations consider setting up a Facebook page.

·         Streamline reader referral process so referrals can be distributed and contacts can be made faster.

·         Establish reader referral follow up process to insure that designated local association contacts are following up on distributed reader referrals in a timely manner.  This should include an agreed upon follow up form which will be filled out by local association contacts and then submitted to UAUS membership contact(s) or UAI Central Office.

·         Streamline application process so that designated UAUS contacts are properly notified of new membership applications.

·         Webex or Skype conference call to discuss all the above.  Suggested conference call participants include: Rick Lyons, Mike MacIsaac, Gary Rawlings, Michael Berry

·         Reestablishment of Local Associations at following:

o    Greater New York

o    Puerto Rico





Prepared by:

Michael Berry





UAI welcomes members from all races, cultures, nations, and religions. There are three categories of membership in UAI: a full member, a member-at-large, and an associate member. 

3.1 Full Member

To be eligible for full membership in UAI, a person shall have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws and the Bylaws of his National and/or Local Association.

3.1.2 A full member is entitled to vote in his Association of record.

3.1.3 All full members of Local or National Associations who reside within the geographical boundaries of a National Association are members of that National Association, unless a member has been accepted as a full member of an Association in another country of which the member is a citizen.

3.2 Member-at-Large

There are two categories of members-at-large: one where no Association of UAI exists and an optional category in which a National Association of UAI with subsidiary Local Associations exists.

3.2.1 No Association of UAI exists. An individual living in a country where no Association of UAI exists may join UAI as a member-at-large or an associate member-at-large. When the first Association is formed in a country, all members-at-large and associate members-at-large residing in that country shall become members of that Association.

3.2.2 A National Association with subsidiary Local Associations exists. This category is optional and may be adopted in the Bylaws of a National Association. A geographically isolated individual living in a country where a National Association with subsidiary Local Associations exists may join UAI as a member-at-large or an associate member-at-large. Such members-at-large shall be attached to the Membership Committee of the National Association.

3.2.3 To be eligible to join UAI as a member-at-large a person shall have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws (and the Bylaws of his National Association if applicable.) Criteria for the associate member-at-large category are given in Article 3.3

3.2.4 A member-at-large may not hold office and is not entitled to vote.

3.3 Associate Member

3.3.1 An Associate Member category is optional and may be adopted in the Bylaws of a National or Local Association.

3.3.2 An individual who has not read The Urantia Book in its entirety may join UAI as an associate member. To be eligible to join UAI as an associate member a person shall be reading The Urantia Book, shall support the teachings of The Urantia Book, shall support the goals and purposes of UAI and Urantia Foundation, and shall agree to abide by the UAI Charter and Bylaws and the Bylaws of his National and/or Local Association.

3.3.3 An associate member shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office, and must be affiliated with a Local or National association.