OCTOBER 29, 2010



The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. (Central).  In attendance were David Linthicum, President, Pio Park, Vice President, Daryl Berry, Treasurer, Patti Snyder, Secretary, Al Turnbo, Publications Chair, Kathy Wanenmacher, Study Groups Chair and Scott Brooks, UAUS Webmaster.


The reading of the minutes from the last meeting was waived.


Officer Reports:


President’s Report – David welcomed the Governing Board and committee chairs to the meeting and expressed his appreciation for their dedicated service to UAUS.  He briefly recapped the current discussion on the Representative Council (RC) list regarding the UAI budget (covered below) as well as other issues that have come before the RC for consideration.  The RC item regarding the International Service Board’s (ISB) submission of a Declaration of Interdependence with Urantia Foundation failed to receive 60% approval and did not pass (previously posted on the CLP list).


Vice President’s Report – Pio related to the board his experiences while visiting South Korea and the Korea Urantia Association (KUA).  It is noted that KUA is very active and that study groups are flourishing.  A lengthy discussion followed regarding issues/efforts with the Korean translation as it relates to the Foundation and Fellowship.  After many struggles a translation review committee was formed which is interfacing with the Foundation.


Treasurer’s Report – Daryl Berry summarized that our account stands at approximately $38,000 with around $30,500 in the restricted conference fund, $150 in the newly established scholarship fund with available funds for general expenses of approximately $6,300.

Below is the checking account activity for 2010 through 10/28/10:

$36,823.32 - Ending Balance (12/31/09)

01/09 - #1042/David Linthicum (travel expenses to Urantia Association of Florida elections)  ($200.00)
02/10 - #1043/EarthLink (1-2/10 website)  ($53.80)
02/22 - Deposit/Lone Star Urantia Association (dues)  $40.00
02/22 - Deposit/Spirit of Oklahoma Urantia Association (dues)  $50.00
02/22 - Deposit/Urantia Association of Florida (dues)  $55.00
04/15 - #1004/EarthLink (3-4/10 website)  ($53.80)
04/28 - #1045/Aaron Rogers (travel expenses from Scholarship Fund)  ($500.00)
05/04 - Deposit/David Linthicum (contribution to Scholarship Fund)  $500.00
05/04 - Deposit/Patricia Snyder (contribution to Scholarship Fund)  $50.00
05/04 - Deposit/Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (dues)  $100.00
05/05 - New Checkbook  ($28.00)
05/19 - #1046/EarthLink (5/10 website)  ($26.90)
05/19 - #1047/UAI (2008 Annual dues)  ($103.25)
05/19 - #1048/UAI (2009 Annual dues)  ($262.34)
05/21 - #1049/UAI (Donation for Leadership 2001 Fundraiser)  ($507.52)
05/25 - Deposit/Anonymous (contribution to Books for Zambia)  $700.00
05/25 - Deposit/New York - Pennsylvania Urantia Association (dues)  $70.00
06/14 - #1050/EarthLink (6/10 website)  ($26.90)
06/14 - #1051/UAI (Donation for Books to Zambia)  ($700.00)
07/06 - Deposit/Aaron Rogers (contribution to Scholarship Fund)  $100.00
07/13 - #1052/Urantia Association of Florida (loan from Conference Fund)  ($1,750.00)
07/28 - #1053/EarthLink (7/10 website)  ($26.90)
07/28 - Deposit/Anonymous (contribution)  $1,000.00
08/17 - Deposit/Idaho Urantia Association (contribution)  $150.00
08/17 - Deposit/Washington Urantia Association (2009 & 2010 dues)  $240.00
08/17 - Deposit/Southern Urantia Readers Family (dues)  $97.50
08/31 - #1054/EarthLink (8/10 website & domain)  ($46.90)
09/03 - Deposit/Idaho Urantia Association (dues)  $80.00
09/03 - Deposit/Hawaii Urantia Local Association (2009 & 2010 dues)  $150.00
09/03 - Deposit/Oregon Urantia Association (2008, 2009 & 2010 dues)  $150.00
09/16 - #1055/EarthLink (9/10 website)  ($26.90)
10/14 - Deposit/Urantia Association of Florida (repay loan from conference fund)  $1,750.00
10/28 - #1056/EarthLink (10/10 website & domain)  ($46.90)

$37,745.71 - Ending Balance (10/28/10)

Restricted funds:
$30,465.00 - Conference
$800.00 - Travel Pres/VP
$150.00 - Scholarship

$6,330.71 - Available Funds

Respectfully submitted.
Daryl Berry
UAUS Treasurer


Secretary’s Report – Patti prepared a report of the UAUS membership, by state, for review by the board.  Patti will be reviewing the Bylaws to ensure the board makes the proper notice of the upcoming UAUS elections for President and Treasurer.


New Business:



Scott reported that the website receives 113 hits per day and provided some interesting statistics: 73% are no referral*, 16% derive from music sites with some originating from Google searches for the term “Havona”.  There was also discussion about Facebook options.


*A note on No Referral hits to the site. This means that the person knew the URL and typed it into his browser to come to the site or, it could be he had it bookmarked and clicked on the bookmark. But, in either event, he wasn't searching for the site or following links from other web pages.


There is a way to sign in and view these reports any time one needs to and Scott can provide the login credentials for anyone (authorized, of course) to view them.


It was decided that additional manpower is needed to move forward with giving the UAUS website a bit of a makeover.  Potential candidates were identified; Pio Park will be making the initial contact to determine if there is interest.  David will send an email to Al Turnbo and Scott Brooks outlining the board discussion on the topic and identify a potential candidate; Pio will then forward that email to the potential candidate who will (hopefully) assist our webmaster and update the UAUS website.





There was some initial confusion when the ISB President stated in the budget submission letter that the Portal would require UAI funding.  Such funding would require RC approval, per the UAI Charter, and it was pointed out that RC approval had not been sought by the ISB.  It was later clarified that the Portal will be funded by private donations and does not require RC approval.


Scott Brooks and Daryl Berry, who serve on the IT committee that is working on the Portal, were able to provide valuable insights into the functionality of the portal and provided links to the developmental website.  Scott reported that he is developing a search feature for the website. 


Since the initial discussions that originated on the RC list the ISB has passed a resolution approving the Study Group Portal and further communications on the subject have been provided by the ISB President (Gaetan Charland).  It has been noted that listing a study group on the Portal is voluntary and at the discretion of the study group host.  One benefit of this website would be that it will be one-stop shopping for study groups which would be of benefit to those who travel and wish to locate a study group in the areas they travel.


It was confirmed that the UAUS website will continue to host a section dedicated to U.S. study groups and that the work of the UAUS Study Groups Committee will not be affected in any way.  At some point the question of whether to maintain multiple sites for study groups will need to be reassessed.


There was also discussion about the concerns of the UAUS Study Groups Committee regarding the listing of Teaching Mission and organizationally aligned study groups.  Scott Brooks ensured the board that the three criteria developed by UAI and adopted by UAUS (1. Study focused on The Urantia Book, 2. Free from politization, and 3. Free from channeling) was also the criteria for being listed on the Study Group Portal.




Other Business:



UAUS Bylaws, Article 6, Section D, states that, “The deadline for submitting nominations is January 1. The Secretary of UAUS shall distribute the biographies and statements of goals to all voting members by February 1.  The election shall be held in March.  Each Local Association, after a canvas of its members, shall have two votes for Governing Board members, Local Association votes shall be sent to the Secretary, who shall publish the results by April 1.  If the sitting Secretary is a candidate in an election with multiple nominees, the votes shall be sent to another officers of the Governing Board not directly involved in the election.  Newly elected officers and appointed committee chairmen will assume their duties April 1.”


Adjourn – The meeting adjourned at 9:56 p.m. (Central)