2005 UAUS Conference

August 3,2005 UAUS CLP meeting in New Orleans   Presenting Urantia banner to HULA as the first UAUS local organization   Gregg MacIsaac, Marian Hughes, Cathy Jones
UAUS Governing Board   Judy VanCleave-Sec., Benet Rutenberg-Pres, David Linthicum-Treas. Steve Shinall not present.   Topside
  New Orleans skyline  
Our meeting room   Marian welcoming everyone   Jane Ploetz - Building a Grand Universe
John, why do you have a banana on your shoulder?    
    A quiet moment of contemplation
An interrupted moment of quiet contemplation   Starboard  
Port     Auction night
  John Ploetz presentation - Midwayers  
Formal night - Richard Keeler and Costas Diamontopolos   Jan Bernard and Judy VanCleave   Ralph Schweitzer and Margo Sherwood
Gary Rawlings - England   Don and Carol Ware with Will Sherwood   Marimus with Rhonda Richardson
Myra Hight and son   Kat Kinnamon   Rick Lyon and Kat
Diamantopolos daughters - Greece   Gaetan Charland and Benet Rutenberg  
Singing waitress and waiter   Topside late at night   More study
Cathy Jones - Living with The Urantia Book   Will Sherwood   Will Sherwood: "Quality of thinking, the coming earthly goal of human existence."
Sing along with Jane     Oil rig in the Gulf
Closing poem