Summer 2018 Conference

Midwest Conference: Living the Teachings - Family in Action

The Urantia Book provides us with a new understanding of the concept of Family, using it as a platform to expand our understand of the Creator Son and Mother Spirit, of our responsibilities to our fellow Men and Women, and of God, the Universal Father. See our web page.

Join us in Madison to explore how our understanding of Family influences our daily lives and our relationships with the Divine. Worship experiences are being planned.

Each attendee, regardless of age, fills out a separate registration form. Nursing babies not requiring a separate bed should not be registered. Bring your own crib. Mobile phone numbers of chaperones are requested. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Children (people in high school and younger) are free. They will not be merely accommodated, we are actively inviting you to bring your children and grandchildren. We have a second generation reader experienced with young young children and youth ministry leading the children's program. There's even a budget. I think they're planning on buying a million dollars of glue and glitter.

Fees are great. $150 for both nights and all meals from Friday supper through Sunday lunch. Commuters (attending and eating Friday - Sunday, but not staying over night) pay $100. Meals are good for omnivores and plantivores.

Pacific Rim Regional Conference

In Hawaii, August 20, 2020

Hawaii Urantia Local Association ( HULA), in conjunction with Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS), is pleased to announce that a three day Pacific Rim Urantia Book Conference  will be held at the Kilauea Military Camp the Volcano National Park on 08/20/2020. The theme of the conference will be Nurture Your Soul in Nature. Among other activities, a Aug 21st Jesus Birthday group dinner celebration will be arranged at one of the nearby restaurants. More info on that event to follow as we arrive at a head count.

 A wide variety of accommodations are available to fit different budgets. Check the website and see the different choices that KMC offers. The cabins are quite lovely. Vow renewals and weddings can be preformed on the crater rim by Rev. Marian Hughes, if you are inspired to combine that with your trip.

Also the four star Volcano House is just down the road from KMC, if you prefer a luxury hotel experience on the rim of the caldera. There are also camping and very basic cabins that you can rent from their site. There are a multitude of vacation rentals, B&Bs and different restaurants if you would rather lodge or dine off campus, in the nearby town of Volcano.

Hiking, biking, lava eruptions, and bird watching trails are just around the corner.  There is a $10.00 one way airport shuttle provided by KMC. If you want to make it a family trip, we are putting together babysitters and youth counselors for the kids. Please advise us in advance so we can make the proper arrangements.

 There will be lectures to stimulate the mind, music to entertain, but since we all know the book, the main focus will be connecting on a soul level with our brothers and sisters and our Divine Parents, in the beauty of The Hawaii Volcano National Park.  

What's not to like? Please contact Marian Ellanora Hughes, HULA president, for more information and instructions or phone 808 885 7295

 Start saving up now so we can meet you in 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii.