UAUS Policy Statement concerning the Channeling Phenomenon

Within certain groups of people reading The Urantia Book, there has developed a phenomenon labeled "channeling" or the "Teaching Mission." Advocates of this phenomenon claim to be in touch with superhuman personalities, who sometimes have names taken from The Urantia Book. While UAUS neither endorses, promotes, nor denies any individual's personal experiences, we must assure readers that neither UAUS nor The Urantia Book has any connection with this phenomenon.

UAUS has taken great care over the years to ensure that The Urantia Book is not publicly identified with cultic, psychic, or occult groups and phenomena.
The UAUS, as an organization, does not sanction channeling activities at UAUS sponsored functions, seminars, conferences or internet discussion groups.
We believe that The Urantia Book's teachings should be unencumbered by public alliance with either New Age beliefs or traditional religions.