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This library is an online collection of writings about The Urantia Book and it's teachings. The purpose of this library is to create an educational tool for teachers, leaders, and students of this book. Our goal is to offer as complete of a selection of writings as possible and allow you, the student, to discover truth for yourself. ... more


A study is a document which contains the results of a targeted search of The URANTIA Book.  Most of these studies were produced using the “Search The URANTIA Book ” feature of the Urantia Foundation website or the CD-ROM version of the book. ... more

Description of the Urantia Book - An overview - PDF

Excerpts the Urantia Book - Some "gems" from the pages of the Urantia Book - PDF

Starting a Study Group - Suggestions for beginning a study group - PDF

by Hara Davis -

You can acquire one at cost plus the shipping (sent from the UK). The new version contains 44 pages including a pictorials of the Thought Adjuster. These study aids have been mentioned as the stepping stone to the Urantia Book for those who have not read it. And, if you are already a reader, it is joy. Contact Gary Rawlings.


Four art works are from Gary Tonge , commissioned by the Urantia Foundation.. Click to view.

Thought Gems Daily Calendar

All proceeds from the sale of the "Thought Gems" perpetual calendar support translations of The Urantia Book and other charitable projects. The calendars are $14.95 each. Shipping and handling for 1 or 2 items is: $6.00 (for 3 or 4 items is: $11.50). California residents please add sales tax of $1.16 per calendar. Please send a check or money order payable to SURF; sorry, no credit cards. Actual size: 3 1/2" x 4 1/2". Send your order to:

P O Box 3126
Vista. CA 92085-3126