In this section you will find "Studies" of The Urantia Book . Here in the Study Hall a “Study” is a document which contains the results of a targeted search of The Urantia Book.  Most of these studies were produced using the “Search The Urantia Book ” feature of the Urantia Foundation website or the CD-ROM version of the book.

A text query is an efficient tool for mining the wisdom scattered throughout The Urantia Book . Studies can be used to advance scholarship in the teachings by collating references, comparing meanings, and synthesizing thematic comprehension

Here in the Study Hall you will find a selection of formatted documents created by a variety of queries. They are listed by title, indicating the target word or phrase. While the catalogue of Studies available here will provide students with interesting research and study group material, another Study Hall objective is to coax readers into their own explorations, searching out topics that are personally meaningful. Many students have found this quite valuable in their quest to achieve a deeper understanding of the amazing Urantia Book .

Absonite Friendly Marriage and Family Life
As Jesus Passed By Fruits of the Spirit Meditation
Attunement Galaxy-Nebula Moral
Buddhism Grievances Moral+Duty
Choice and Will Holy Morontia Mota
Concentric Circles Holy Spirit Morontia Words of Jesus
Communion Humble Mystic
Confused Planet Inate-Intuitive Origin of The Urantia Book
Contemplation Inevitabilities Our Cheerful Creator
Cosmic Evolution Know God Paul
Cosmic Mind Love the Father


Decision/Choice Mansonia The Urantia Book - origins
Discourse at Jotapata What is The Urantia Book About?


Enjoy the topical text journeys found in Study Hall or create your own using the wonder of an electronic word finder! You are certain to discover rewarding insights into the teachings of this revelatory work. 

With over a million words on 2,097 pages, it takes the average reader years of focused reading to become familiar with the Foreword and all 196 Papers. Key teachings can be found from front to back and also exhibit variations in style and perspective when presented by different authors. Using the Folios search engine provides quick access to sought-after passages via queries for word, combinations of words, or a phrase. A query can uncover fresh meanings when we study the way a word or phrase is variously woven into the narratives.  A version of Folios is available when using the online version of the text at the Urantia Foundation website: www.urantia.org/papers/index.html

This useful infobase program is included on the electronic version of The Urantia Book published by Urantia Foundation as a CD-ROM disk.  The CD version of the book may be purchased at: www.urantia.org or by calling 1-800-URANTIA.  An MP3 audio version of the book is also available on CD.

Search Tips for the CD version:

The CD-ROM version of Folios has more functionality than the online version. All Studies in the Study Hall have been sourced from the disk – for serious searching it is superior. (Note: Follow the different search instructions found at Urantia Foundation's website when using that service.)

A space between words will return any reference containing all of the words. Thus submitting truth beauty goodness will return all paragraphs which contain all three of these words.

A "pipe" (SHIFT Backslash) between words will return any reference containing any one of the words separated by the pipe symbol. Thus submitting truth | beauty | goodness will return all paragraphs which contain any one of these words.

To query for a connective phrase, enclose it with quotation marks. Also, keep word sequences in mind when searching phrases. For example, while there are over a hundred hits for “the Father's will” there are almost half as many for “the will of the Father”. To discover the full value of teachings, explore varied phrasing.     

Remember to consider all forms of the words you query, including plurals and all other variants. The Query window in Folios includes a list that includes your target word and its alphabetical relatives. (Hint: double clicking on any word in this list will move it into your current query.)

Create a Study:

You are encouraged to submit your Study creations for inclusion in the Study Hall. WORD documents work fine. Try to follow the established format of the existing Studies with regard to page reference (at beginning of each paragraph), single spacing between passages, and titles in all caps. Deleting page references on numbered list sections makes for a cleaner document and easier reading. These formatting recommendations render Studies very useful for personal or group study. Send your submissions to the

Library Administrator

Also please note: When page breaks in The Urantia Book occur within your query results, beginnings and endings of paragraphs that don't include the target word(s) are not displayed. To complete such passages, copy and paste the missing elements from the main body of the text. Italics in Folios DO NOT make the transition via cut and paste when creating WORD documents. It is important to carefully scan search results for italic emphasis (or in headings) and manually convert them so the text is accurately represented in your Study.